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Lauriston photographer Phil McMenemy

Hello everyone, thank you for finding me.

I am a photographer - its what I do - I am extremely fortunate!
My work borders on obsession - when you are a photographer there really are no days off - you can't stop looking, observing, planning and then looking some more. Well as least thats how it is for me!

I live in Galloway in wonderful south-west Scotland with my life-partner Louise and our delicious boys Alex (7) and Joe (5).........they care not a jot about what I do they just want to eat and have fun.

I guess you might call this my third career - after engineering in the shipyards of my hometown Barrow-in-Furness and many years as a psychiatric nurse working with children and their families - I now find myself working as an 'accidental artist' and it feels good. I work hard, get things wrong, scratch my head then, hopefully, get things right - but this remains a work in progress.

By viewing my work through the yearly archives on this site I hope you can witness development, change and themes emerging in my work. It is a journey - an exciting, frustrating and wonderful journey into the art of photography, Galloway, Scotland, nature and the wonders which surround us.

My gallery, the Gallery at Laurieston, which is located in the heart of beautful Galloway acts as the heartbeat of my work, it is: my showcase, workspace and the place I welcome visitors, clients, guests, schoolchildren and clubs - I enjoy meeting people and allowing them the opportunity to enter my 'world' and how I see.
The gallery allows visitors the opportunity to select the perfect piece of work for their special place either for the home of for the business - as they are part of the process by selecting the size, style and finish of their special piece.
I am also fortunate that people choose to purchase gift vouchers enabling friends and family to come along to choose an image for themselves - this is becoming increasingly popular.

I am available for commissions, workshops and cups of tea!!

I look forwards to welcoming you and hearing your thoughts about my work.

Thank you for your time - I appreciate it.

Love philxxxx

Nov 2013

The Gallery at Laurieston
Woodbank House
Castle Douglas

tel: 01644 450235
email: phil@pmcphotography.co.uk
facebook: The Gallery at Laurieston facebook page
tripadvisor: here